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A restomod is a modern take on a restoration, preserving the timeless appearance of the original car while introducing today's convenience in modern and high-performance parts.

Restomods do not adhere to factory-style guidelines.

Vehicles that have been restomodded are generally much safer than any restored or original antique vehicles - and oftentimes have a higher resale value.


Take a look at some of our restomods below,

and check out a few restomod ideas to improve

your own vehicle's safety, comfort, performance, and appearance.


Various Restomodding Options:

  • modern brakes

  • stronger frames and suspensions

  • more reliable engines and transmissions

  • modern wheels and tires

  • rack and pinion or power steering

  • air ride suspensions

  • improved seat belts

  • modern A/C

  • sound controller and insulation

  • modern stereo systems and Bluetooth

  • upgraded voltage

  • power windows and doors

  • custom interior or paint

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