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The benefits of indoor car storage:

  • protect your car from damage caused by humidity, extreme temperatures, rodents, mold, and environmental disasters

  • eliminate costly repairs (prevent rust by storing in a dry, climate-controlled area) - avoidable extensive repair work

  • convenience

  • salt from the roads or even driveway

  • regular maintenance/driving will keep car in shape (just like we need exercise, so do our cars)

  • regular oil changes and fluid checks can extend the life of your engine

  • car stays clean, helping preservation

Problems with vehicles that sit motionless:

  • cracking vinyl

  • faded paint (if exposed to the sun and elements)

  • rusting

  • interior discoloration (if exposed to the sun and elements)

  • worn tires with potential broken rubber

  • deteriorated brake pads

  • an un-lubricated engine

  • old fluids can be harmful to the engine

Services offered:

battery trickle

fuel additive

maintenance start-up

spring commissioning



on-site maintenance and repairs

multiple car discounts

referral discounts

Pickup and Delivery - We can pick up or deliver vehicles anywhere across the continental US, and arrange for overseas pick up or delivery. Vehicles can be transported in an enclosed trailer for greater peace of mind.

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